Custom Themes

Custom Themes

Studio O’Riley is now offering completely customized, SEO-optimized WordPress themes, built from scratch or from one of my original templates!

So much of marketing is figuring out how to make your tree stand out in the digital forest and provide users with a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to transform your existing website, we can make it completely unique, right down to the theme.

What’s a Theme?

When you build a site, you can code the thing from scratch, or you can use a template and swap out the boilerplate content for your own. These templates are called themes, and WordPress provides hundreds of them to make setting up your website a breeze.

A well-written theme makes creating beautiful content easy, and because it’s a template, it’s easy to switch out with a new theme at the drop of a hat. My old teacher used to say you should be able to change a theme like you change a shirt!

The benefit is that no matter what theme you use, your content stays the same. Because of this, just by switching to a new theme, you can change the look of your site drastically in a matter of seconds without compromising your content.

Why Go Custom?

Your site is unique. When your site uses the same theme as a thousand other sites, it tends to blend in. To make an impression, your website should reflect your brand’s individuality, and a custom theme ensures it will stand out from the crowd.

Excellent Performance. By building your theme tailored to your brand and the specific features it needs, we’re able and to cut down on extraneous code and unnecessary features that are included in general purpose themes. More than that, Studio O’Riley’s custom themes come optimized for speed and SEO, which is vital for search engine rankings and user experience.

Maximum Flexibility. With a custom theme, you have full control over design and functionality. In other words, you’re not confined by the limitations of pre-made templates. We can design each component to your specific needs, opening up endless opportunities to highlight the best parts of your business.

Easy Scalability. The hope is that your website will only keep growing. And as your business evolves, your custom theme can be easily adapted to accommodate your brand’s changing needs and higher traffic.

Ownership. When you use a pre-built theme, you’re subject to the whims of the design team, who make decisions based on the many businesses using their theme. But when you use a custom Studio O’Riley theme, you own it. You can make any changes you want, when you want. Build new features, change the name, duplicate it for various purposes, sell it. It’s yours to do with as you will, and nobody can tell you differently.

What’s Included?

When you choose Studio O’Riley for your custom WordPress theme, you’re getting a comprehensive web development solution as well. This package includes:

Initial Consultation. We meet to gain a detailed understanding of your brand, your goals, and your vision for your website.

Design and Development. After we agree on a path forward, I design your theme, tailored to your particular needs and built for optimum form, function, and performance.

SEO Optimization. Your website will be optimized for search engines from the ground up, enhancing your visibility online through reliable, industry standard methods.

Responsive Design. Every single one of my themes is designed to look and perform flawlessly on all devices, ensuring a consistent user experience.

Want Ongoing Support?

My commitment to your success doesn’t have to end after launch. If you’d like ongoing support and maintenance, you can subscribe to Studio O’Riley, and I’ll continue to update your theme going forward to ensure your site keeps running smoothly.

Let’s Make Your Website Remarkable

I’m passionate about crafting exceptional online experiences. If you are, too, let’s work together to turn your vision into reality. With a custom WordPress theme that encapsulates all the best parts of your brand, you’ll save months or years in the marketing process, boosting your traffic much faster than you could otherwise.

Ready to get started?