(For 1 Year)
(For 1 Year)
(For 1 Year)

Blogging & SEO
📊 Initial SEO AuditFull Report
(Details everything from pagespeed to organic traffic performance, complete with recommendations.)
🥇 SEO for Existing Pages & PostsPosts/month102040
✍️ Custom, Optimized Blog ContentPosts/month
(2,000+ words/post)
👩‍🎤 Website MembershipsLet users create an account, customize their profile, and view member-only content.✔︎✔︎
📮 User Post SubmissionsLet users submit their own content for publication on your website.
(Social Posts, Guest Blog Posts, etc.)
👍 Social Media MarketingPosts/month
(Custom Marketing Plan)
📨 Email MarketingEmails/month
(Newsletter, Automation, etc.)
🎯 Keyword ResearchKeywords/Month
(Value, Difficulty, etc.)
🤺 Competitor AnalysisReport/Strategy✔︎✔︎✔︎
🤝 Backlink OutreachDirected networking with the aim of acquiring valuable backlinks in your niche.✔︎
🚀 Increase Page SpeedScore 90+ out of 100 on Google Pagespeed Insights✔︎✔︎✔︎
💰 Optimize Ecommerce StoreSEO: Keywords, Meta Tags, Categories, Descriptions, etc.✔︎✔︎
📱 Boost Organic Website TrafficSEO: Topical Authority, Backlinks, Keywords, etc.✔︎✔︎✔︎
📚 SEO Training and ReportsWeekly Email Updates/Training Sessions.✔︎✔︎✔︎
📈 Personalized Marketing PlanCustom research, analysis, and recommendations.✔︎✔︎✔︎
🔖 Custom Branding SystemUnique Branding Elements
(Logo, Color Scheme, Slogan, Brand Bible, Business Cards, etc.)
⭐️ Custom LogoA unique symbol to help the public identify and remember your brand.MonogramLogoLogo + Variations

Web Design & Development
💻 New WebsiteBrand new site, hand-coded or CMS of your choice.
(Priced Separately)

(Priced Separately)
💾 Free Hosting through SitegroundSubject to changes in Siteground’s pricing plans.✔︎✔︎✔︎
👨‍🎨 Website RedesignRedesign of an existing site, including best practices in design and development.Over time,
as needed.
🎨 Custom WordPress ThemeUnique, hand-coded WordPress theme, tailored to your brand.
(Priced Separately)

(Priced Separately)
👾 Tech SupportPlugin installation and management, software updates, fixing errors, bugs, and styling issues.✔︎✔︎✔︎

💳 Accept Online PaymentsSell ecommerce products and take payments or donations through your website.SimpleComplexEpic
🔗 Affiliate MarketingTraining, program applications, and content writing.✔︎✔︎
📢 Ad RevenueAds placed on your site for passive income.✔︎✔︎✔︎
⬇️ Downloadable ProductsDigital Products
(Infographics, Ebooks, video courses, etc. Some items may be priced separately.)
🎫 Ads (Image/Text)Digital advertisements to market your business.
(Distribution through third party service.)
🎥 Ads (Video/GIF)Video and GIF advertisements to market your business, complete with motion graphics.
(Distribution through third party service.)
🙌 And so much more!Is an essential service missing from this list? Studio O’Riley is a full-service creation station, so just ask!

Individual Services


Studio O’Riley offers discounts for all kinds of things! What’s more, if you qualify for more than one, my discounts stack up to 25% OFF (and more during special sales)! Check it out:

Non-Profit/Ministry Discount

If your business qualifies as a non-profit, then you qualify for Studio O’Riley’s 10% discount. This discount counts for all of my services, but not my products.

Social Media Discount

Follow @studiooriley on your favorite social media for a one-time $5 dollar discount on any Studio O’Riley service or purchase. Get an extra $5 off when you post about us on your profile!

Note: This discount applies only for the social media platforms listed below. Your post doesn’t have to be a review. You can re-post a Studio O’Riley post, share your experience with us, a photo, etc.. Get creative! Please include a link to

Follow Me on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Behance

Review Discount

Simply post about your experience with me on the review page of this site for 5% off any service or purchase!

Referral Discount

When you choose to refer a friend, tell them to use the code: SHARING-IS-CARING in their email subject line and to mention you in their email. Then you and your friend will each receive $100 OFF of your first three Studio O’Riley projects.

NOTE: These must be three separate projects. For instance, you may NOT combine the savings and get $300 off of one project. Additionally, for subscriptions, this discount changes to $50 OFF each month for your first three months.

Student Discount

If you’re a student, you save 20% on Studio O’Riley services. Just let me know which school you attend and verify it by signing up to my site using your school email account.

Subscription Discount

Did you know that you can subscribe to my services? That’s right! If you hire Studio O’Riley for a recurring project (one that recurs at least twice more) you save 10% on each recurrence.

Also, consider my SEO & Marketing Subscription, where you get web development, design, SEO, photography, basic video planning and editing, social media management, keyword research and implementation, backlink hunting, and all other marketing services for just 33.33/hour!

You choose how many hours you want to pay for and receive one invoice per month. Simple, affordable, and effective. Marketing is a long-term commitment, and when you subscribe this way, you’re getting all Studio O’Riley services for a significantly reduced price in exchange for that long-term working relationship.

Pricing Policies

Studio O’Riley is dedicated to integrity and transparency. That’s why this page is here to let you know all about my payment policies and procedures. Every project is different and requires different skills and resources to complete. As a result, prices will vary over time according to the project details and the expenses of maintaining my equipment and utilities.

I take into account what other studios charge for similar work and weigh it against the costs of labor, materials, and upkeep. I provide custom estimates for every project, taking your budget into account.

What if I’m on a Budget?

That’s what estimates are for! Once I know the goals and scope of your project, I will calculate the length of time it should take and give you a projected price. If your budget won’t allow for the price calculated, there are a number of options available to you. (See the discounts section above!)

Payment Plans

Times are tough. But just because you can’t pay all at once doesn’t mean you can’t work with Studio O’Riley. If the estimated cost is too high, I’m more than willing to get your project done on time and accept payments in weekly or monthly installments.

Once you let me know you need a payment plan, we’ll talk and come up with an agreed-upon contract, detailing what you can afford and the length of the plan. We’ll both sign and go ahead with the project.

Latte Fees

No, that’s not a typo. Studio O’Riley does not delight in charging people extra money, but I have to have policies in place to make sure I get paid. So if your payment is a month late, you have to buy my wife and I a coffee, hence “Latte Fee.” In short, you pay $10 interest for every month your payment is late. I guarantee your latte fee will go toward coffee, so it’s a good cause.

Curious how I calculate my prices? Visit my FAQ page for a pricing breakdown for three of my most common services.


Contracts don’t have to be hard to understand, and they’re not with Studio O’Riley. Here’s how it works: 

  1. You and I meet virtually for a project briefing.
  2. I draw up a contract within 24 hours. The contract details what we discussed in our project briefing, the agreed-upon rates, and any discounts you would like to apply. In this step, I will also draw up an estimate and send it along with the contract for your approval.
  3. You review, sign, and send the contract back to me.

That’s it! Both of us will retain a copy of the contract, and from there it’s smooth sailing. You and I will communicate as needed for the duration of the project. I look forward to working with you! Let’s build your new favorite website.