This page outlines Studio O’Riley policies and any applicable disclaimers about your data and your rights as a user of this site. If you have questions or concerns about anything written here or anything absent from this page, please get in touch through the Contact page.

Content and Politics

All content provided by Studio O’Riley abides by the content policies of major platforms, Google, YouTube, Facebook, etc.. If your content would cause an uproar there, it shouldn’t be on your site. By doing business with Studio O’Riley, you, the client, agree to accept any liability for damages, fees, and/or community offense incurred by the content of your website. This includes consequences of hate speech, explicit posts, pedophilic posts, misogynistic, homophobic, or racist rhetoric, and other potentially offensive or harmful material.

Studio O’Riley does provide content, and is happy to do so. All Studio O’Riley content is carefully curated to abide by the laws and community guidelines of the platforms for which it provides content in order to promote healthy discourse and positive online spaces.

Studio O’Riley reserves the right to withdraw support and/or any implied or stated connection to clients who choose not to abide by this policy.

Personal Data and Usage

Your privacy is important to me. At Studio O’Riley, I do not collect any data about you unless you explicitly provide it. Data that are collected with your permission include:

  • Your name
  • Your birthday
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • Your payment information

Payment information is collected at check-out. You will never be charged unless you’re paying an invoice for Studio O’Riley services or products. In addition, this information is collected exclusively for the purpose of providing you with excellent service.

You will only be prompted to provide information in the event that you purchase a product, purchase or subscribe to my services, or opt into my email newsletter.

Data Sharing

Studio O’Riley does not share your data with any third parties. My only exception is law enforcement in the event that your data is needed during an official case. (This has never happened yet.)


As a WordPress site, Studio O’Riley uses cookies to make your experience on this site better. Click here for more information on the WordPress Cookie Policy. Additionally, Studio O’Riley integrates with third party companies like WordPress, Google, and Google AdSense. These third parties and their partner companies may be placing and reading cookies on your browsers, or using web beacons to collect information as a result of ad serving on studiooriley.com.

For more information on this topic, read about How Google uses data when you use Studio O’Riley’s partners’ sites or apps.

Thank you for staying up to date with Studio O’Riley Policies.